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Hack your life at work (part one)

Life hacking basically means changing daily habits or creating new ones, through which we increase our happiness or satisfaction. The most popular life hacks deal with mindfulness, productivity or health. However, professional success doesn’t rely only on productivity, but also on our happiness levels when at work. Considering that we invest a significant part of […]


LifeHax #1 – a truly interactive conference-experience

LifeHax #1 was indeed an interactive conference dedicated to life hacking. The entire event focused on increasing impact and relevance for participants by creating an interactive environment, which allowed an open exchange of information between speakers and participants. Therefore, one of the most important challenges was to give each person from the audience their own […]

Portrait of Andrei Rosu

Andrei is the perfect embodiment of action. He is an endurance athlete, multiple world records holder, being the first person to complete 7 marathons and 7 ultramarathons on all 7 continents. Also, together with his team, Atlantic4, they hold records for the fastest Black Sea crossing in a row boat and the fastest crossing of […]

Portrait of Simcha Gluck

Simcha is a world-renowned entrepreneur, co-writer of The New Entrepreneurz – changing the way you play life, trainer and life hacker in all aspects. Originally from New York, he moved to Israel where he co-founded FreshBiz Global, together with Ronan Gafni. Through the FreshBiz game, they use experiential learning to help participants develop their entrepreneurial […]

Portrait of Dan Luca

Dan is coach, entrepreneur, speaker and author of three Amazon best-sellers on time management. His life hacks are in productivity and maintaining life’s balance. Dan is founder of 5AM Club, a community of people who wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning. “October 2nd 2009 was the first day I woke up at 5 […]


Books for your personal development

If personal development is among your priorities for 2018 (which we recommend!), this means that you also need books to help you achieve these goals. No matter what schedule you have, weekends or weekday evenings are perfect moments to disengage and spend quality time in a way in which might also have an impact on […]


Using stress for leading a healthier life

Stress is perceived to be public enemy number one for our minds. There are studies which correlate stress levels with contracting various diseases and overall decrease in quality of life. But how about looking at stress as a necessary element in our lives? As something which we do not need to remove, but simply transform […]

Portrait of Geo Bogdan

Geo is one of the most well-known trainers from Romania, with over 20 years of professional experience in fitness, health and well-being. “I started to profoundly study anatomy, body biomechanics, energy areas, functional training, Yoga and Pilates in order to balance my body and to avoid surgeries on my spine, which doctors were telling me […]


Nutrients: pillars of our diet

Balanced eating does not mean restrictive or generic diets. Changing our lifestyle depends a lot on actual needs of our bodies si always has better results when accompanied by daily physical exercises. There are two categories of nutrients which are essential for our bodies: macronutrients (the basis of our diets, we consume them in large […]

Portrait of Larisa Petrini

Larisa is one of the most popular influencers in nutrition and health from Romania. She is Health Coach, founder of reLife Wellness, Food Revolution ambassador (international program on nutritional education initiated by Jamie Oliver), host of Sanatatea FM, a weekly radio show at rfi and many more. With over 10 years of experience, she organizes […]