Books for your brain’s holiday meals

Information often travels astonishingly fast around us, so it is good advice to take some time for ourselves and just chill with a book. Winter holidays are a perfect opportunity to do just that and personal development should be among our priorities each year.

We have prepared a list with the most life hacking books appeared recently, which we warmly recommend. Would you like to plan your time more efficiently, or to discover what really motivates you? Do you prefer to learn directly from stories of top mentors, or have your perspective changed on how you see your own life? Whichever question you chose, the answers lie in at least one of the following books:

Qualitative self-promotion counts for a large part of our successes and this book offers necessary tools for better strategizing this aspect in our lives. Expand your knowledge on what self-promotion means and what can it bring by reading Debby Stone – Executive Coach, speaker and founder of Novateur Partners LLC.

Success stories which boost your motivation, collected directly from their source. Each story from this book is an inspiration and together they are invaluable for creating our own, improved, development plan. Discover obstacles on the path of success and how to overcome them. As the author said in a Forbes interview – “don’t let fear of failure control your choices!”

Upon realizing how short and unsure our time in life really is, Tim Ferriss decided to seek answers to his most pressing questions in the community of top-performers: from wonder-kids to already acknowledged personalities. This book contains a compilation of tactical and practical advice from successful mentors who have discovered innovative solutions to problems we all face. “No matter your challenge or opportunity, something in these pages can help” says the author.

Steven Kotler and Jamie Wheal deal on the subject of Flow – a state in which our productivity peaks – and what can we do to control it. We have all experienced this state at least once, but what would it mean to control our Flow and enter this state whenever we need it? This book offers encouragement and practical ways in which we can get this done.

A fascinating collection of Seth Godin’s most popular blog posts, this book helps you overcome limits, rethink what is possible or impossible and find the right perspective. From marketing to management, from choosing clients to business principles – all topics which have raised you questions in the past have an answer in these pages.

Do you truly control what motivates you? Do you know how to use your energy to get your desired results day in and day out? In this book, Daniel Pink challenges theories supporting material goods as the best way to motivate humans. While this type of rewards work well for routine activities, they don’t when dealing with creative tasks. When activities include coordination and more complex execution, material goods fail as perfect rewards. This is because people are motivated by a mix of complex factors which act according to context and needs – be it immediate of delayed gratification.

Breaks from our daily havoc are always welcome, especially when we use this time to focus on our own development and long term needs.

What books would you recommend? Leave us a comment with the most recent self-development book which has wowed you.

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