Books for your personal development


If personal development is among your priorities for 2018 (which we recommend!), this means that you also need books to help you achieve these goals. No matter what schedule you have, weekends or weekday evenings are perfect moments to disengage and spend quality time in a way in which might also have an impact on your future.

Leadership principles, efficiently managing your personal or professional time, increasing productivity of our actions – all these topics are dealt with extensively and are accompanied by practical case studies in the pages of the following selection of books:

If you haven’t already read this classic book for personal development, you have all reasons to do this now. According to Simon Sinek, true leaders are those who prioritize purpose over process or product. More to the point, those who first seek to answer “Why?” before any other questions. Changing your perspective to follow these principles may lead to completely rethinking your business or professional goals.

One of the most successful entrepreneurs from the world, Ray Dalio reveals the secrets of his 40+ year career. Not just his results recommend him, but also great people who have either worked together with him, or found inspiration in his pages. Among them, Bill Gates, Mike Bloomberg, Arianna Huffington or Tony Robbins, to name just a few.

If finding balance between your personal and professional life is one of your toughest objectives, then read Laura Vanderkam. She argues that finding this balance in the case of women, who apart from a successful career, juggle with also being a mother, a wife or head of family, is even more difficult. In her book, she tells stories of active women and tricks they use to clear their own schedules and enjoy their free time, while also achieving professional success.

While on the topic of successfully managing you time, Heather Boushey adds that resolving conflicts caused by lack of time may help not only on a personal level, but increase productivity on a large scale, for our entire society. She debates a pressing and controversial topic in her book – the importance of Government and corporations in supporting women and their families. She emphasizes benefits on both sides.

When time management becomes a problem, when daily worries stand in the way of your personal development – it is high time to turn to success stories of people who have managed to apply anything which might also help you in your position. There isn’t a better time to start investing in yourself than now.

Which of the books you have recently read should find their way into our list and why? Please leave your opinions in the comments box, below.

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