Design your active lifestyle everyday

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is an increasingly important priority for people, worldwide. Even in Romania, although this change has been slower, more and more people start changing their food habits and daily routines, to focus more on a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This transformation comes as a consequence of rising knowledge which links having an active lifestyle to maintaining our health, on the long term. World Health Organization has defined the lack of physical activities as one of the leading risk factors for contracting noncommunicable diseases, like cardiovascular diseases, cancer or diabetes.

Being physically active does not necessary mean having a gym subscription. Physical activity, as defined by WHO, is any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that requires energy expenditure, including activities undertaken while working, playing, travelling or engaging in recreational activities. Higher intensity workouts are only a sub-category of physical activities, but it is important to know that any type of physical exercise is beneficial for long term health, as long as it is done regularly. Here are a few simple recommendations which can help you take on a more active lifestyle:

  • Walking is very healthy. Each time you need to go from one place to another, take walking into consideration, even if you don’t make that choice every time.
  • Do you have some free time? Ride your bicycle or roller blades in the park – use any excuse you can come up with to spend more time in nature!
  • Adults aged between 18 and 64 need at least 150 minutes of medium intensity, physical exercise every week.
  • Support communities are a great motivator to help you maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Choose physical activities which you can do alongside your family or friends.
  • Make sure to keep yourself hydrated, every day, increasing the quantity of water you drink during active days, compared to sedentary ones.
  • Make sure you have a healthy sleep schedule which allows you to be well rested. Adults are recommended to have at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

To increase the importance of physical activities in your daily routine, start with easier actions, like walking. Also, make sure to engage in activities that are pleasurable, so that you will be able to hold on to your motivation for longer periods of time. Nowadays, more mobile apps apply gamification principles to keep us moving and to help us diversify our daily physical activities. These being considered, all we need to do is to stand up… and get started!

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