Hacking productivity – actions beyond the myth

One of the most popular excuses we hear is “I don’t have time!” More often than we would like to admit, though, this is not just an excuse, but is our reality. Usually, we blame work for not having enough free time, but in reality there are moments in which we don’t feel like doing anything in spite of having available time. This happens whenever we should be doing something we don’t find appropriate for that specific moment.

Being productive means more than just working fast and correct. Productivity is a mix of our ability to focus, having easy access to needed resources and being motivated to finish by a deadline. In order to be able to be productive at work, our daily schedule should allow us to fulfill our personal goals as well. Every time we are not focused on our actions at hand, we are slower. This is as true for work as is for practicing our hobbies – whatever we do, being distracted slows us down significantly.

A balanced daily schedule allows us to be mindful – to be present and pay attention to actions we undertake. Organizing and prioritizing all objectives (both personal and professional) is of paramount importance to increasing our productivity. It is also very important to have a clean and well organized working space. In order to be able to maintain high energy levels, we need natural light and also to maintain hydrated. Also, it is as important to have a healthy sleep schedule in order to be able to achieve all the day’s goals.

Easy access to resources which we need when achieving certain goals has a significant impact on our time of execution, so planning is very important. Personal organization, but also team coordination, is made increasingly easier nowadays, as more and more specialized apps help us in this manner. Some popular examples are: Evernote, Slack or Google apps. Having deadlines for reaching objectives is not useful only for team coordination, but is also a very useful personal development tool, if used appropriately. By registering all times needed for various actions, we increase our experience and our capacity to realistically estimate timeframes needed to achieve future goals.

Finally, it is very important to use rewards for achieving each objective. Personalized rewards help us manage our energy and channel it throughout the entire day. Therefore, the biggest rewards should be planned for the start and end of each working day, for maximum impact. All these elements, taken together, are actions we can control better and manage in order to increase our productivity.

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