LifeHax – your community of life hackers

At LifeHax, we advocate for personal evolution! Life hacking is our flagship concept for personal and professional development. We strongly believe that becoming aware of our daily actions, habits and routines and taking ownership on them is a necessary first step towards designing an improved life.

Life hacking can be applied in different parts of life: from nutrition to lifestyle or from productivity to mindfulness. The aim is to take care of our body and mind, which enables us to perform better in life. LifeHax #1 is our meeting place – an interactive and innovative full day event, designed around participants’ experience.

Life hackers from all domains will take the stage to inspire, challenge and tell us more about communities of life hackers joined around their respective ideas. LifeHax #1 is part of an annual series of events which offer you the opportunity to connect with peers and expand your life hacking knowledge and abilities.

All year round, we organize LifeHax community events, dedicated to specific topics of life hacking. They are the perfect place for starting to create positive and sustainable change in your life. Latest news on upcoming LifeHax events can be found on our facebook page where we also get your messages.

LifeHax #1 takes place at Cinema PRO, on March 23rd 2018. Join us to meet role model life hackers, learn how to hack your own life for improved happiness and find out about communities of people around you who have the same goals as you do!

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