Portrait of Andrei Rosu

Andrei is the perfect embodiment of action. He is an endurance athlete, multiple world records holder, being the first person to complete 7 marathons and 7 ultramarathons on all 7 continents. Also, together with his team, Atlantic4, they hold records for the fastest Black Sea crossing in a row boat and the fastest crossing of the Atlantic Ocean, in a 4-people boat propelled 100% by rowing. He has taken part in the world’s toughest competitions, finishing the most difficult ultramarathon (6633 Arctic Ultra) on the planet, a Deca ultra-triathlon in Switzerland (10 Ironman competitions in 10 consecutive days) and the Arch 2 Arc ultra-triathlon, which consist of 140 km running, 50 km swimming and 300 km biking, covering the way from London to Paris. He became the first ever Romanian who swam across the English Channel, on that occasion. Andrei is a speaker, entrepreneur, activist and founder of 42kRosu community, for people who want to change their sedentary lifestyle with a more active and healthier one.

Andrei’s athletic performances began in 2010, when he entered his first ever race: “I’ve noticed that the hardest thing is getting up from the couch. Once you got up from there, all of a sudden you change your point of view, you see everything differently. Each person has their own couch and their own English Channel, or Everest to conquer. Beginnings are always hard,” he explains. “Whether it’s a new team, a new product or project, a new house, all these things imply change. And people, generally don’t like change, which is, ultimately, normal – you cannot be in perpetual change. However, from time to time, it helps to get out of the well-known comfort zone, because nice things happen beyond your comfort zone and, even beyond your panic zone. So, as you enlarge your comfort zone, or you step outside it, things start to look differently and life transforms very easily.”

A keen observer of human behavior, Andrei shows us that: “oftentimes, we are running away from something, rather than towards something. Unfortunately, most often in life, we react to negative events instead of reacting to opportunities. But I have realized that when, for instance, you seek to be a model for your children, as was my case, then you are running towards something. And I think this gives you an extra engine. When you are running away from something, your motivation decreases as you get a little farther from it, you relax until it catches you from behind yet again. On the other hand, if your goals come from the positive part of life, I think things go smoother.” He goes on: “it is important to make a first step and to create a first behavior. Whether it’s getting up 15 minutes earlier, or walking to the office, at least one day a week, you start with a small step, a victory. After that, you create a chain of victories: each day you check those 15 minutes – it will massively change your life!”

We asked Andrei how he manages to find his objectives and what motivated him to move forward: “generally, when I choose a goal for myself, it needs to give me a state of fear, of unrest. It is said that if a dream doesn’t scare you, then it does not represent you. And, generally, these high objectives have a transformational role! I believe that we are made to create an increasingly better version of ourselves, day by day, so as to explore our potential and make a difference in this world. I think that, at the end of our lives, we must leave the world in a better state than it was when we were born.”

Being an experienced life hacker, we asked Andrei what role has life hacking played in his transformation: “I’ve noticed that what helps in the long run is to change your habits. On the short term, motivation helps, sure, for one, two or three days but, after that, we return to our old habits. It is because we could not build mental maps which are strong enough to endure. So, it helps to create a list of all your habits, either good or bad. Decide what is it that you want to get out of life, what are your objectives and see which of your habits help and which block you from achieving desired changes. Because the moment in which you create new habits, you don’t need motivation anymore. Nobody needs motivation to wash their teeth or take a shower. You create habits, like going to bed earlier, waking up earlier, spending time with yourself, practicing sport in the morning, eat certain things… Actually, you adapt your lifestyle to support reaching your objectives. It is important to think: is this lifestyle compatible with my objective, or not?”

Andrei’s recipe for success? “Dream, plan, act!”

Meet Andrei Rosu during LifeHax #1, on March 23rd 2018, at Cinema PRO.