Portrait of Geo Bogdan

Geo is one of the most well-known trainers from Romania, with over 20 years of professional experience in fitness, health and well-being. “I started to profoundly study anatomy, body biomechanics, energy areas, functional training, Yoga and Pilates in order to balance my body and to avoid surgeries on my spine, which doctors were telling me were imminent.” He started focusing on body and mind development ever since he was 13, when he wandered into his first gym, in Bucharest and found his first mentor, pop Marin, who he warmly recalls even now: “It was hard to believe then that I could become a sportsman, considering my physical disadvantages. Now, at 40, I can do things with my body that at 18 seemed impossible,” Geo tells us enthusiastically.

A true life hacker, Geo is also specialized in nutrition, biochemistry, sports science and is an expert in performance psychology. He started his career in Miami and kept on specializing and training in USA, UK, Romania, and over 60 other countries, working with thousands of people in the process. “I have reached the point where I have passed my education to several generations of trainers and realized at one point that all my education and experiences can radically change the motivational engines of people I work with” says Geo. “The most valuable education for me was working with people.”

Starting with 2015, he organized and was master trainer of The Code camp – a program of physical exercise, nutrition, education, introspection and motivation, designed to create profound and permanent changes in a person’s body and mind.

On February 15th, this year, Geo Bogdan launches a new concept: Reboot camp. Reboot takes you outside your comfort zone, having very strict and extremely efficient physical, educational and nutritional programs. The camp takes participants back to basics, helping them reconnect with their inner bodies, find their identity and inner happiness, cleansing their lymph and their digestive tract, detoxing from accumulated heavy metals, regenerating neurons, alleviating anxiety and depression, a new start… a restart for the mind and body.

Geo has become popular for his passion and outstanding energy which he invests in every single course he teaches, as well as the thoroughness with which he describes the perfect execution of every single exercise. He was the first trainer to bring functional and circuit training to Romania, he invented and patented innovative training forms, such as the 1K Circuit, ISO and FLOw.

When we asked him what’s his stand on life hacking, Geo told us: “as in any area, things evolve. Nowadays DNA modification and neuroplasticity have been made possible through formulae and specific combinations of nutrients and physical training. In more simple terms, according to Doctor Lipton, creator of the new science called Epigenetics, we are not “victims” of our DNA, but rather of our environment and beliefs’ system. Predispositions to obesity, diabetes, cancer, depression, alcoholism, etc. are not written in our genetic code, they are not inherited, but self-created by replicating habits, behaviors or psychological traits from our parents and social surroundings from our childhood.”

“The engine for transformation starts from intention and continues with wish. These are psychological mechanisms which are present in each of us. However, change only happens when we go beyond wishing and get to making a firm, adamant decision. Intentions and wishes are only illusions, decisions are the most powerful change generators – it is there where imagination, creation and vital energy get started.” Geo is an expert motivator and applies the principles of progressive overload and individuality within his programs. In others words, he starts from very easy and constantly adapts the effort according to each individual.

“When you see fear, be glad, it is an indicator that shows green, it is the direction in which you have to go!”

Come and meet Geo Bogdan during the LifeHax #1 conference, on March 23rd 2018, at Cinema PRO.