Portrait of Simcha Gluck

Simcha is a world-renowned entrepreneur, co-writer of The New Entrepreneurz – changing the way you play life, trainer and life hacker in all aspects. Originally from New York, he moved to Israel where he co-founded FreshBiz Global, together with Ronan Gafni. Through the FreshBiz game, they use experiential learning to help participants develop their entrepreneurial and multi-dimensional thinking, expand their creativity or collaboration skills. “One thing that has been proven time and time again is that when you are doing project learning or experiential learning, you really put it inside people’s DNA, you really give people a behavioral sense on how they can actually do things” explains Simcha.

“Our brains cannot distinguish between real-life and simulations. So we use game-based learning to give people a simulation, to trick the brain, to help them optimize creative thinking, or strategy-based thinking, or how to win through hacking the game, what real collaboration looks like or how to make smarter moves. And then they can go into real life and they can keep on playing a seamless game of business in a very high way.” Another key takeaway from FreshBiz is to look for quantum leaps, rather than stick to linear progress. “A quantum leap is when you understand that you can go way farther then you ever thought possible, but with less energy, if you just really look for smart partnerships” Simcha adds.

“Know that a real lifestyle is not about having more, it is about becoming more. It means investing more in our self, than we do in sources that are out there, like houses, cars or other material things” says Simcha. “When we invest in ourselves, we learn new skills, we go to trainings, seminars, we get people to be our mentors so that we shorten our learning curve. I think that ultimately, investing in our self is the best investment we possibly can do in life!”

According to Simcha, although we live in a money-centric society, money is not at all the only resource we have at our disposal: “we live in a really cool time, where people are talking about more currencies than just money. There is certainly the currency of likes, the currency of social media, the currency of what we call at FreshBiz, action cards, meaning all your non-monetary resources. But, what I like is that more and more influencers, more leaders out there (and you know exactly what I’m talking about) are focusing on the currency of energy. And we get really specific, really refined as to where I put my energy, does it make sense to me to put my energy there?”

We heard Simcha encouraging people to “change the way you play life!” So, from his experience, how hard is it for people to change? “Think about the routines you have. Think about the things you’re already doing in life and how just adding one new element that wasn’t there before can make all the difference in your day.” To exemplify, he tells the story of how he used his daily, one-hour long walks with his son to also spread out flyers about his wife’s real estate services, which ultimately delivered a nice monthly profit for the entire family, on top of spending quality father-son time. “You’re never short on money, you’re only short on creativity!”

Simcha argues that thinking about business as a zero-sum game (like Monopoly, where only one player can win while all other players must lose) is obsolete. Moreover, life was never a zero-sum game. This means that we don’t have to feel threatened by others’ successes, but rather define our own game better and realize what winning means for each of us. His approach made us curious and we asked Simcha on his thoughts about life hacking: “I think that life (and business, essentially) is a game and there are game mechanics involved. Therefore, there are ways to hack it. And once there are ways to hack it, it’s all about having fun! It’s also serious, I get it, there are consequences in real life, for sure. But I think that when we really focus on how we can play a smarter, better and faster game, we can absolutely hack the game. We can absolutely win, no matter what the deal is!”

Get inspired by Simcha Gluck during LifeHax #1, on March 23rd 2018, at Cinema PRO.