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Stuck? Refresh your perspective!

Although change is one of the few constant things in life, it never seems easy. Oftentimes, we see the process of changing or improving ourselves as a tough challenge. And the more we focus on problems, the harder they seem to overcome. Increasing our chances for success means, more often than not, putting our actions into context and taking into account the most important reasons for wanting to improve. Widening our perspective on our actions will always help us define meaning and decide whether out actions are truly motivated by happiness or meaning.

Having a broader perspective helps us better understand and control things around us. Each time we adapt to a new personal environment, like a new relationship, or a new professional context, like a new job, we change our perspective. Adapting means to first have a deeper understanding of the new situation. We can understand more through asking questions, observing, or even by acting. It is important not to automatically put our own assumptions above what we learn from others, so that we are truly capable of changing our perspective. It is important to understand reasons which created a specific situation, before being able to understanding that situation.

Each time another person does something inexplicable to us, we can either consider that their action is wrong, or we can take a closer look at the situation. Ask questions and identify true motives behind this situation – this will help us better understand the whole context. Switching perspectives results in having more in-depth knowledge of the subject in question and also a better understanding of the person in front of us. Changing our personal perspective helps us create winning proposals to others because we include real wins for all parties, wherever they are possible.

Here is a short TED-Ed video which explains the cognitive processes of our perception and how changing perspective can radically impact our perception. Personal development means to better understand ourselves and our environment. Refreshing our perspective constantly leads to having an accelerated personal development and enhances our social impact. Life hacking means changing everyday behaviors, which then become habits, with the purpose of personal development. Changing perspectives is a powerful tool used by life hackers to accelerate personal development.

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