What is life hacking all about?

In short, it means developing certain behaviors, abilities or routines which radically improve your life. When you want to be a life hacker, you analyze your life in every aspect and consider each part’s impact on your life’s general quality. Then, you choose specific domains in your life which you change in a sustainable fashion so that you can positively impact your entire life.

For instance, should you change your nutritional habits for a short period of time, often following a formula, then that is called dieting. Should you make these changes due to access to different food items, then it is called adapting. Should you analyze how what you eat influences your daily energy levels and modify your diet to increase output energy; then add other behaviors which sustain the same purpose of having more energy, then it is called life hacking.

But life hacking is not only about nutrition. Our daily routine, lifestyle, mindfulness, how we set goals, manage time or how we work all influence our lives massively. To assume control over various aspects of your life aiming for personal development or to change daily routines to improve health or increase happiness. And to do this using mostly internal resources (like, our brains) means to hack your life. Life hacking is not a “recipe for success”, but rather a transformational journey!

Life hacking is getting ever more popular, in part also because of the over stimulant environment in which most of us live our lives. Life hackers believe in their potential to change their lives for the better. Life hacking means living responsibly and being in charge of all your actions. Last, but not least, life hackers know mind overpowers body. At the same time, having others with the same purpose around you, actually helps make things seem easier to achieve and accelerates individual learning processes.

We believe in the power of communities in helping people develop faster. Also, we promote qualitative communication and learning from experience as being valuable for each of us. Based on these principles, we are building LifeHax – a community of life hackers from all areas who aim for personal evolution. We seek further popularization of life hacking in Romania and encourage as many people as possible to become at least curios if not active life hackers.

LifeHax #1 is the first conference from the LifeHax series. This event is designed around participants’ experience and contains a lot of creative elements. Awesome speakers of LifeHax #1 are inspirational but are also active representatives of life hacking communities that keep their doors open for new members at any time. For more details on LifeHax #1, please visit our website: www.lifehax.life!